Windows Search Tip – Search by File Type

Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) is the official name for the set of rules that Windows Search follows when interpreting what you type in the search box. (detailed documentation of AQS …)

I want to be able to search for all jpg files in a particular folder where the filename starts with an S.

It would be the equivalent of dir s*.jpg.  These files have several descriptive words in them, however, and if I type s or s* in the search box I get every file that has an s somewhere in it or that has a word embedded in it that starts with S.  I have a hard time believing that Windows 7 search isn’t up to the task!  What am I missing?

The problem above is that the asterisk wildcard doesn’t work as the index includes all text in every indexed file and its properties. Thus, typing s*.jpg finds every file that has the .jpg extension and includes any word beginning with s.

To do the AQS and use the name: operator to restrict our request to just file names, ignoring file properties and contents must be used.

The operator are the two dots, used between two values to indicate a range. To find JPEG files that begin with the letter s, use this syntax in the Start menu Search box or in the Search box in the upper right corner of a library in Windows Explorer:

type:JPEG name:s..t

Email search tips …

Typing from:carl sent:this week in the Search box, I find every message anyone named Carl sent me this week. And if I enter type:doc name:ch* I get every Word document, PDF, or text file, that contains a word beginning with ch anywhere in its name, whether it’s saved on my hard disk or as an attachment in Outlook. So I can find Chapter 1.docx as well as an e-mail whose subject contains the word check and that contains a text attachment.

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