Tips For Depression Men

  1. Don’t Give Up Your Hobbies  – do not lose to the empty feeling as many people have given up hope and start dropping their favorite pastimes and hobbies in the process. This will undoubtedly only worsen the situation and create a more depressive state for you in the future as you are robbed of enjoyment and pleasure that these activities provide you. Instead, you should concentrate more of your time and energy into doing something that you love, for example go for a walk in the park, play golf and immerse yourself in hobbies that hopefully involves physical movements.
  2. Exercise – apart from increasing your blood flow throughout all parts of your body, exercise will enable to you think clearly and more objectively to handle your situation besides obvious physical benefits as well as working as a natural anti-depressant as the activities will increase your serotonin levels and allow you to be at a more relaxed sedative state which will help depression men.
  3. Watch Your Diet – lack of nutrients will make feel you easily irritated and generally unwell. Also, eating frequent light meals is better than a few heavy ones and make sure that all the appropriate nutrients are available in your meals. Leave out extreme diet plans that require you to forgo all carbohydrates and focus on protein or vice versa.Include brain food in your diet which uplifts your serotonin levels and helps to enhance your memory. Simply put, you are what you eat so it is vital that you eat your way back to your former happy healthy self.

See “Brain Foods,” post…


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