Depression: Causes and Treatment

Depression is a problem that occurs when you have intense sadness that ends up lasting for weeks, and this keeps you from normal function in your life. There are a various symptoms of depression include

  • insomnia,
  • feeling guilty or worthless,
  • fatigue,
  • problems concentrating,
  • thoughts of suicide, problems staying calm,
  • sleeping too much,
  • weight loss or gain and other symptoms.

What may cause depression to occur and how you can overcome depression in your life…

  1. Stress and Traumatic Situations: Going through a trauma in your life or dealing with a lot of stress in life can end up being something that can cause depression to occur in your life. Some of the situations that can cause these this to occur include pain, illness, losing someone you love, abuse, or other traumatic events. This can lead to imbalances in the chemicals in the brain, which can cause depression to occur.
  2. Genetics: There are studies that show that depression can be caused by heredity, at least to some extent. While not every single person that has depression has a family history of it, those who have it in their family history are more likely to end up dealing with mental illnesses, such as depression.
  3. Not Enough Community Time: Community time can be thought of as time spent in leisure, in groups. This may be playing sport, a walking club, book club, being involved in a charitable endeavour with others, or simply sharing friendship. The lack of community time can cause depression.
    If you’ve become more isolated to the point where you perhaps have few friends, or are not engaging in group activity, this needs to be rectified urgently. Sometimes face to face meetings in groups are too overwhelming, but there is an easy interim step, which is joining an on-line group in order to build confidence and comfort in a group environment.
  4. Sedentary Work: Even more than exercise time, the little bits and pieces of movement we do each day (our general activity level) is vital in keeping our metabolic rate up.
    If we’re in front of a computer screen all day, we need to stretch every 15 minutes, and get up and actually walk around. We’re not meant to be immobile!
  5. Being Without a Purpose: Everyone needs to build meaning into their life – we cannot exist healthily if we do not have an abiding interest in something and that will cause depression, if we do not have in our lives something that really matters to us. This may be something grand, for instance working to solve global warming, or something on a much smaller scale, scrapbooking family history or learning more about a topic that interests you.
    Sometimes my depressed clients report that there is nothing that interests them, and of course this is true. The trick is to find an activity which is "less boring" than others they can think of, and to do that in a disciplined and committed way. Gradually (and quite surprisingly) the passion and energy return, and the patient begins to make real choices about what is important to them, and how they wish to spend their time.
  6. Not Having a Routine: No-one wants to live a regimented life where they never vary anything, but the opposite, where people just drift along from day to day with no set time to get up, no set time to go to bed, and no set time to do anything in particular in between, is the fastest way to develop depression known to man. For some reason human beings thrive on routine and quickly become ill without it. Have a look at your day-to-day life and make sure there’s a strong routine factor in there, even though you might vary it according to circumstances.



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