5 Superfoods to Fight Stress

Food is the biggest drug most of us take on a regular basis. Depending on what you eat, you feel the good or bad effects almost immediately.

Why not add a bit more of these stress-fighting superfoods to your diet this hectic holiday season and enjoy the mellowing effects?


Stuff fresh spinach in omelets and sandwiches for an extra boos of magnesium, which lowers stress by stopping blood pressure from spiking.


Drink orange juice. A study found that healthy people exposed to cold viruses are more likely to get sick when under pressure. Even a brief period of stress can affect our immune systems, but the vitamin C in citrus fruits helps strengthen them.


A piece of dark chocolate, especially, is an instant mood booster and can help you relax. The cocoa in chocolate affects the pleasure sensors in our brains.


Have a tuna sandwich for lunch or smoked salmon from the holiday dinner buffets. (Or better yet, fatty tuna sushi and salmonskin rolls! Two of my favorites!) The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon and tuna have been shown to calm anxiety.


Good for breakfast as well as an afternoon snack. The B vitamins in oats stimulate serotonin production, another natural pleasure drug in our brains that soothe us.

For the complete article “5 Stress-Fighting Superfoods” at self.com, click here.



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