Directory Services Official Blog

The official Microsoft Enterprise Platform Support Directory Services Team blog, which supports Active Directory and its associated components – Group Policies, Certificate Services, DFS and Kerberos, to name but a few – all of these technologies are our bread and butter.  We provided the complete list of what we support below (well as complete as you can get- there is always something else!)

Complete List of what is supported…

  • AD Administration and Design
  • Domain Controllers and Global Catalogs
  • AD Replication (KCC, Sites)
  • LDAP
  • FSMO Roles
  • AD Schema
  • AD Disaster Recovery
  • Trust Relationships
  • Domain and Profile Migration (ADMT & USMT)
  • Certificate Services and Authorities
  • EFS
  • LSASS, KDC, & Winlogon
  • Kerberos & NTLM
  • File Replication (FRS & DFSR)
  • Distributed File System (DFSN)
  • W32 Time Service
  • Permissions & Privileges
  • Auditing
  • Group Policies
  • PolicyMaker, GPOVault, and Advanced Group Policy Management
  • User Profiles and the Interactive Logon Process
  • Client Side Caching – Offline Files and Folders
  • Terminal Server Licensing


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