Nortel CCM: Upgrade CES devices using the Version Managemant Wizard

Problem Description

Upgrade CES devices using the Version Management Wizard

Nortel VPN Router Multi-Element Manager
Contivity Configuration Manager
CCM 2.2.1
CCM 2.2

Problem Resolution


  1. As Wizards are disabled by default, enable Wizards:
    Go to Server Setup—>Users and Groups—>Administrators—>Properties—>check "Execute Wizards".
  2. Enable your FTP Server.  Make sure that the CES can reach it.
  3. Place the downloaded version of CES code on the FTP Server.
  4. Launch the Version Management Wizard (VMW):
    Go to the Configuration Data Folder.  
    Select the CES you wish to upgrade.  
    Right Click on it and go to the "Run Wizard" tab.
  5. Upgrade the CES:
    1. Once the Wizard is launched,  the "Version Management" dialogue box appears.  Under Wizard, press "Next".
    2. Enter the FTP Server IP address, User Name, Password.  In the initial directory, put a /., then press "Next".
    3. Choose the CES code folder.  Press "Select" once you highlight it.  Press "NEXT".
    4. In the Device Browser, select the CES  to which  you wish to FTP the code.  Click "ADD".
    5. When you have selected all of the CES to upgrade, Press "ADD".
    6. The CES  show up in the "Devices that will receive the image" window.  Press "NEXT"
    7. The next page is "optional", only if you wish to add more CES devices to upgrade.  Click "Next".
    8. The next Window has the "Device Access Information".
      PLEASE NOTE that you also have the option to select "Reboot after upgrade".
      -  If you choose that option, the CES will automatically reboot after the new code is applied.
      -  If you don – t select the option, the new code will be pushed to the CES and you will then have to manually reboot to apply the new code.
      Please also note that it is highly recommend that you backup your current cfg/ldap
    9. Your CES will now go to the FTP Server to get the code.
      You can monitor the progress by looking at the FTP progress window on your FTP Server.

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