How to import Multiple Nortel CES devices using the ‘Add List’ feature?

How to import Multiple CES devices using the ‘Add List’ feature?

VPN Router Multi-Element Manager
Contivity Configuration Manager
Version 2.2
Version 2.2.1

Follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure FTP/SNMP are configured on each CES to be imported.  See Primus Solution NORT2335555 entitled How to get the CCM Auto-Import Feature to work? (Refer to solution: NORT057948-How to get the CCM Auto-Import Feature to work?)
  2. Go to the Configuration Data folder.
  3. Select the folder and open it by right-clicking.
  4. From the drop down menu, chose Import>From Network…
  5. Select the ‘Add List’ button in the ‘Import’ tab.
    You will automatically be provided with the following ‘Import List Dialog’ example:
    # Specify devices to import one line at a time, using a device specific format
    # For example, to import a device at whose
    # community string is ‘public’ and whose manager password is ‘secret’ with a
    # timeout of 10, specify:
    #, public,secret,10
    the ‘#’ symbol means that these lines are voided out
    you can add a line at the end of the example
    The last line of the example is incorrect for more details reference Primus Solution NORT056169: entitled Import List Dialog example is incorrect (Refer to solution: NORT056169-Import List Dialog example is incorrect )
  6. Enter the following text in the box to import a CES
    #, public,admin,setup,10

    1. ‘’ is the CES to be auto imported using the ‘Add List’ feature
    2. ‘public’  is the SNMP Community String which can be configured on the CES
    3. ‘admin’ is the User Name of the CES
    4. ‘setup’ is the Administrator Password of the CES
    5. ’10’ represents a timeout value
  7. Select the ‘OK’ Button and the devices you added to the list will be imported via auto-import.
    ER Q01291936 was generated to provide other import options

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