Running Websense on a “Virtualized environment”

All Websense versions pre 6.3 are not designed nor are supported to run in any virtual environment, including ESX.   If you plan to do this, at least v6.3.3 is strongly suggested.

Ideal networking configuration..

In terms of the networking, it all depends on your physical switch.  If you’re using a Cisco switch, the best configuration is typically 2 virtual NICs connected to 2 virtual switches in ESX, and each of those virtual switches having a physical NIC for a total of 2 NICs specifically for Websense.  More NICs may be needed for your ESX, though such as for Management, etc.

Alternative Virtualization configuration…

  1. Setup Websense Web Security 7.1 on an ESX server;
  2. Connect a NIC on the server to the port span on the switch.
  3. In the configuration of the ESX server, go into the properties of networking > create a new switch > set Promiscuous Mode in the Security tab of the switch, allowing the Websense machine to sniff the traffic successfully.

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