How to reboot a Nortel VPN router using the CLI


Log in to the VPN Router using an account with administrator privileges, for example:

Login: admin

When you log in, the CLI prompt (CES>) appears, indicating that you are in CLI User EXEC mode. To restart the router you need to be Privileged EXEC mode by entering enable at the prompt. The Privileged EXEC mode prompt is: CES#


To force the VPN Router to reboot immediately, use the reload command.
You need to be You can execute any User EXEC mode command or change the command mode to execute other commands

CES# reload restart latest
Reload: Scheduled Shutdown
Reload Explanation: latest
After Shutdown: RESTART
Disable New Logins: No
Disable Logins after Restart: No
Boot Mode: NORMAL
Config File: latest
Boot Drive: /ide0/

%Proceed with reload? (y/n)y


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