2 tips to keep in mind when deploying Windows 7

  1. Make images from a standard installation and put these on to DVDs which employees can use to deploy for themselves, or better yet, USB flash devices which cut down installation time, is a very quick process. You can use the same image with Windows Deployment Services to install from the network without ever needing to take media to the computer. Read more about deployment tools.
  2. Windows 7 is not an in-place upgrade. Customers who are still on Windows XP have known such an upgrade was never going to be an option, so only customers with Windows Vista will be affected. If you want the option to use bitlocker it will be necessary to repartition your disk (Windows 7 partitions disks to be bitlocker-ready). Many of the IT pros and support staff that I speak to say they prefer to avoid in-place upgrades as they can carry problems forward. By contrast, a re-installation is cleansing, as ‘dead’ applications are removed and systems are imaged to a common starting point, including standard applications. Remember there are tools to assist you. Windows Easy Transfer lives up to its name – easy by name, easy by nature – although it is user driven. If you want to co-ordinate the process centrally, you can use the User State Migration Tool.

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