Where do I get the installer for MSDE SP4?

Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) is a free version of Microsoft SQL Server that is suitable for logging data in smaller networks.

(Microsoft does not support installing MSDE on Windows Server 2008).

Language Link
English http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-en.zip
Brazilian Portuguese http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-bp.zip
German http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-de.zip
Spanish http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-es.zip
French http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-fr.zip
Italian http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-it.zip
Japanese http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-jp.zip
Korean http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-ko.zip
Simplified Chinese http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-sc.zip
Traditional Chinese http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-tc.zip

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