Where do I get the installer for MSDE SP4?

June 25, 2009

Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) is a free version of Microsoft SQL Server that is suitable for logging data in smaller networks.

(Microsoft does not support installing MSDE on Windows Server 2008).

Language Link
English http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-en.zip
Brazilian Portuguese http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-bp.zip
German http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-de.zip
Spanish http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-es.zip
French http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-fr.zip
Italian http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-it.zip
Japanese http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-jp.zip
Korean http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-ko.zip
Simplified Chinese http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-sc.zip
Traditional Chinese http://eval.websense.com/auxiliary/MSDESP4/MSDE-tc.zip

Michelle Larcher De Brito – Wimbledon’s Biggest Grunter Ever

June 25, 2009

Pneumatic drills have been measured at 125 decibels and next week revellers at Glastonbury Festival will be exposed to 115.

And behind them, a close third, is the new grunting phenomenon of ladies tennis – 16-YEAR-OLD Portuguese Michelle Larcher De Brito.

Experts say it is unsafe to be exposed to 110 decibels for more than half-an-hour – so De Brito, whose shriek has been measured at 109, should have a health warning.

How the grunters compare, in decibels

Lion’s roar 110
Michelle Larcher De Brito 109
Maria Sharapova 101
Monica Seles 93.2
Serena Williams 88.9
Lindsay Davenport 88
Venus Williams 85
Victoria Azarenka 83.5
Elena Bovina 81
Anna Kournikova 78.5
Kim Clijsters 75
Elena Dementieva 73

Why can’t I access my VNC Server even though I’m entering the right password?

June 4, 2009

There are a couple of possible causes of problems authenticating yourself to the VNC Server. The most basic of these is that you have not configured a VNC Authentication password – VNC Server won’t let you connect without supplying a password unless the server is explicitly configured to use No Authentication.

If you have previously used VNC Free Edition, and have upgraded to a secure version, you may find that VNC Server rejects your password if it is longer than eight characters. You should find that you can connect successfully if you only enter the first eight characters of your password when prompted for it by VNC Viewer. You can enable your full length password by re-setting it, using the appropriate configuration tool for your platform.

Under Windows, VNC Server can only map keyboard input to the correct characters if all programs are using the same keyboard layout as the operating system. This can cause authentication problems if affected characters appear in the server’s password.

Why can I access my VNC Server even though I’m entering the wrong password?

The short answer is: You can’t! However, when the classic VNC Authentication scheme is used to authentication the user, only the first eight characters of the user’s password are checked. This means that the passwords “01234567hello” and “01234567world”, for example, would be regarded by VNC Server as identical.

This is a limitation only when using VNC Free Edition or older VNC software. If both the Viewer and Server support encryption then the full password will be checked, even if encryption is not actually enabled.


VNC Viewer Free Edition 4.1 for Windows…

How to Enter FTP Site Password in Internet Explorer

June 4, 2009

With Internet Explorer 7 onwards you can ftp to a site with username and password by typing the following:


So if  the username = joe, password = Pa$$w0rd, ftpserver =, url-path = install, you would enter the following URL