FFDShow – for playing movies in DivX and XviD formats

April 11, 2008

FFDShow is a DriectShow decoding filter for decompression DivX, Xvid, H.264, FLV1, WMV, MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG4 movies.




Inspirational poem – My Journey to Recovery

April 10, 2008

In the beginning, I wondered if I would ever make it through.
There were periods of anger, sadness, pain, and grief; times when I wondered,
“Why me?”

But one day, there was a glimpse of light, and then another.
The clouds began to break apart, and I started to see beyond them.
The times when I felt happy and safe began to outnumber the times when I felt sad and frightened.
New friendships were formed; feelings of trust and resolution began to replace past feelings of hopelessness and self-doubt.
I seemed to emerge from the darkness into the light with a sense of empowerment.

I now realize that there are things about my past that I cannot change, but I can stop them from controlling my life and my happiness.
I know that this part of my life will never go away entirely, but it has begun to take a less prominent place in my existence.
I have begun to allow other thoughts to enter my mind, and I have a better understanding of myself – my strengths and weaknesses.
I’m not afraid to set limits.
I’ve begun to enjoy life again and to think about the future.
I can now look back on this time for what it was – a period of growth, self-discovery and healing.

-Anna Marie Edwards


No começo
eu duvidava que fosse possível
resistir até ao fim.
Houve tempos de ira,
dor, tristeza e sofrimento;
tempos em que eu me perguntei:
Porquê eu?

Mas um dia
houve um clarão de luz
e em seguida outro.
As nuvens começaram a abrir-se
e pude ver além delas.

Os momentos de alegria,
de me sentir segura,
foram-se somando mais
que os de melancolia.
Foram tecidas novas amizades;
a desolação, a falta de confiança no meu valor,
foram-se convertendo
em firmeza, em resolução.
Era como passar das trevas
para a luz, com uma nova sensação
de poder.

Agora compreendo que no meu passado há coisas
que não posso alterar;
o que posso é impedir que mandem
na minha vida e na minha felicidade.
Sei que esta parte da minha vida
jamais acabará totalmente,mas o lugar que ocupa na minha existência
é menos proeminente.
Comecei a permitir que outras ideias
povoem a minha mente.
Tenho um melhor conhecimento de mim mesma,
das minhas fragilidades e dos meus pontos fortes.
Já não temo impor limites.
Começo a desfrutar outra vez da vida
e a pensar no futuro.
Agora posso ver esse tempo todo
como ele foi:
um tempo de crescimento,
de descoberta de mim mesma,
de cura.

Google Calendar sync with Outlook

April 10, 2008

Google’s online calendar can now synchronize with your Outlook calendar – it does it well, for free and is available now.

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Life’s most vexing questions answered

April 8, 2008

“When I want to do something (that I’ve never done/or that I’m just not good at)…
… why do I get nervous when I want to feel confident?
… why can’t I make a decision?
… why do I seem to freeze at crunch time?
… why are I afraid of people and situations?
… why do I quit almost before I begin?
… why do I procrastinate doing the things that would bring me the most benefit?
… why can’t I get myself to do the things that are best for me?


It doesn’t matter how supposedly successful people are in one or more areas of life… still their most common questions are often exactly the same or pretty darn close to the same ones as the people for whom nothing seems to work.

The things that bug people the most about themselves and their lives is that even when their emotional and physical pain are excruciating, they STILL CAN’T DO WHAT THEY KNOW THEY SHOULD DO TO GET RID OF IT.
There isn’t a person living or dead who can’t identify with that at some point in their lives.
But it’s only the strongest of mind who can overcome this most basic of human weaknesses.
Because habitual ways of thinking and acting rule us and every part of our lives.
For the first 25 years of my life, I was nothing BUT weak. Oh, sure, I had my reasons and excuses, and some of them were legitimate.  Some were bull.  But the bottom line was, my belief and thought patterns were of a weak person.  Very little I did worked.  Very rarely did I achieve anything worthwhile.  Nowhere did I feel confident or excel.  I had the self-image of a failure.
I can blame a lot of things, but none of it mattered.

Because each day is a new day and the Universe doesn’t care about what happens to you, and who did what to you.
It doesn’t matter that you don’t have this or that background or that you don’t look just right or feel just right.
This reminds me of a story about how on one particular game day, Michael Jordan had the flu and his temperature
was like 103 degrees, and he was puking his guts out, yet he played that day and scored over 30 points.  He was so
exhausted that whenever he was on the bench, he held his head in his hands under a cold towel.  He said he felt like he was on the verge of death.  Yet his play was instrumental in winning that game.
He was asked later how he got himself to perform at such a high level even though he probably should have been in the hospital, and he said that all around the court that night, there were probably hundreds of kids whose parents brought them to see Michael Jordan play, and that it might be the only time they would ever get that chance again in their entire lives.  And he wanted to give them a positive experience they could hang on to forever.  He didn’t want to disappoint them.
His self image was that of someone who could and would do what it took to get the job done no matter what.
When your mental pictures are of you freezing, of shaking like a leaf, of failing, of making the wrong decisions, of
being weak of heart and mind… then that is what you will be.
On the other hand, no matter what the area of life and no matter what the discipline, when you can change your
habitual, automatic mental images to be ones of things working out as you want them to, they will.
When you can stop the negative, failure oriented inner voice to be that of success even in areas where you
“should” fail, you won’t fail, you will succeed.  And often you will do it without effort or strain.
Because your inner self-talk and your mental pictures are the track you run on.
They are your daily road map.
Just like a train must stay on the tracks, your mental pictures, your inner self-communication is what guides every emotion you feel at every moment and they guide every action you take.
This one is especially tough to grasp for people who are very successful in one part of life but horrible failures in another part.  To them it makes zero sense, this mental picture stuff.  Because they feel supremely confident at one thing already, so they think they should be able to do anything well.  And when they can’t, they blame everyone and everything else.  It couldn’t possibly be their fault.
But over the long-term, it is.  Maybe not over days or weeks, but when failure in a certain area of life lasts many months and years, you gotta blame yourself.
It’s the only way you can ever change and improve.
So if you want to be as successful in more than one area of life, you need to learn the mental pictures and inner communication of those that are already good at it.
For example, if you are an absolute in-vest-ment wizard and can turn a turd into gold, but you are terrible at
managing huge projects and horrible at relationships, then all you need to do is learn how to get a similar kind of success oriented mental pictures and learn the same kind of success oriented inner dialog as you have in finances and apply them to those other areas.
This is simply a principle of life.  It always works every time because it is how our minds work.
When you accept this truth and decide to go about changing your mental pictures and your inner communication, like lightning, you can make such radical changes in your emotions and your decisions and actions, you won’t believe it.

The seven dirtiest jobs in IT revealed

April 8, 2008

Think you’ve got it tough in your IT job? You may think again once you’ve read our look at the seven dirtiest jobs in IT, in particular this one:

Few IT gigs get earthier than Dan King’s job as a process control engineer for a Texas sewage treatment facility in the mid-1990s.

“Among other things,” King says, “I was responsible for crawling around the sludge dryer, that’s where the poo goes after it’s extracted from the water, trying to figure out how to program the computers to run the conveyors at speeds that would get the sludge dry enough so that it’s not a sloppy muddy mess, yet not so dry and dusty that it would catch on fire.”

A particularly smelly fire was the reason King was assigned to the project in the first place, he adds pungently.

To keep the “sludge” at the right consistency, King used an ’80s-era programming language called CL, made by Honeywell Industrial Control Systems, to move the conveyor belts at precisely the right speed and send the right amount of electricity to the dryers. That was the easy part.

“Then I had to crawl around the belt and reach in with my glove to check the consistency of this muddy, slushy mess while watching the temperature.”

After that formative experience, King went to grad school. He’s now an SAP consultant and NetWeaver Integration specialist for CapGemini. He says even that job can get dirty sometimes, especially when he needs to convince clients to give his people access to the things they need to get their work done.

“Some days, I’m still up to my hips in poo, but now it’s bull poo,” King says.

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