Wake Up, Work Out.

Six easy moves you can squeeze into your morning on days when you have no time to exercise.

By Martica Heaner, M.A., M.Ed., for MSN Health & Fitness

It’s common to feel so frazzled that you let days—or even weeks—go by without fitting in a workout. Not only will the lack of regular exercise leave you feeling weak and fatigued, you’ll increase your health risks and may even find that unwanted inches start creeping on.

The solution, of course, is to find a way to fit fitness into your life.

But if dedicating an hour a day to exercise isn’t realistic right now, you can still stay in shape by doing the bare minimum. If you squeeze in a 10-minute workout every single morning, you’ll accrue the equivalent of more than three 20-minute workouts per week. And fitting in that extra 10-minutes of activity every day for a year will not only boost your health, but can lead to a 5-pound weight loss. So kick-start your day with these six upper and lower-body toning exercises.


  • Perform one set of 15 repetitions of each exercise, taking about one minute for each move (two minutes if you are doing one side at a time) and avoid pausing between exercises. Do this workout every day.
  • On days when you have slightly more time, do two or three sets of the moves. Or get your heart rate up by marching or jogging in place for 30 seconds to 1 minute in between exercises.
  • Modify this workout to match your fitness level. Follow the recommended moves, or adapt them as needed to make them easier or more challenging.

What you need: Your body—out of bed—and 10 free minutes. Click here to get the moves.


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