Work as a Spiritual Experience.

By Bruce D Schneider, Ph.D., MCC

I don’t know about you, but when many people hear the word spirituality, they conjure images of monks, candles, religion, and perhaps even incense. Few picture a day in their work life, completely enjoying what they do, feeling totally fulfilled and as if they are making a difference in the world.

The true nature of spirituality goes beyond mysticism and magic, and finds its roots in very practical day-to-day activities. This is because we are spiritual beings first, and in physical form second. Nothing that we think or do in the physical sense can change who we really are. The key difference between spiritually enlightened people and those who sleep through life is their level of consciousness, or awareness of who they really are. Conscious people know they contribute to the whole and that they are part of one big family. Conscious people also know that in all settings, including their work life, they can remain aware of, and more importantly, express their true nature. This self-expression offers not only a feeling of purpose, but because there are less mental and emotional distractions, the ability to do what they do more efficiently and effectively.

Being conscious at work means working “in the flow.” You let go of any ideas of separation from yourself and your co-workers or “superiors,” as well as let go of any limiting beliefs you may have that suggest “spiritual” to be something you “do” instead of something you “are.”

To create more of a sense of consciousness in what you do, let’s start by creating a scenario. Imagine yourself at work. It’s not a typical day. On this day you feel completely alive, relaxed, and invulnerable to any negativity or stress that your job can throw your way. You move through the day effortlessly, as if you were on autopilot, yet fully aware and in control of every action. As you come into contact with the many people you meet on this day, you notice that you appear to have a powerful influence on them. Your mood and energy seem to be rubbing off on everyone, and they leave you smiling, happy, and a little more positive.

What would your work life be like if, on command, you could create this experience? And what if you found out that the secret to being truly successful — on all levels — is feeling this on a regular basis? The key to this for work is to remember: It’s not as important what you do, not even how you do it. What matters most is, “Who are you at work?”

You may want to try a little self-reflection by asking yourself the following:

  • At work, how do I currently express myself?
  • How would I like to express myself?
  • Why is there a difference, and what can I, or better yet, what will I do about it?

In order to become a conscious spiritual being at work, you need to express yourself fully, by breathing love into all you do. This means to be your True self, at all times, even after you punch the clock.

What is it like to be more conscious at work? To be in the flow? I’m sure you’ve seen them.

  • He is the conductor exuding power and poise as his orchestra performs a beautiful medley.
  • She is the lawyer who fights for her client’s life as if it were her own child on trial.
  • She is the waitress who serves customers with as much enthusiasm and caring as her personal friends.
  • And he is the gas station attendant who still cleans your windshield even when his co-workers won’t.

Who are these people?

  • They are spiritual beings who breathe life into their work.
  • They are people who express themselves in what they do, and not simply for financial reward.

They do it because they

  • couldn’t do their job any other way.
  • are living their soul’s purpose and consciously doing what they do with love, and they are happier than most.

There are no “ideal” jobs. Not every person should be a healer or teacher. We need conductors, lawyers, waitresses, and gas station attendants. Each person lives his or her purpose by performing his or her job in a spiritually loving way, which reaps the many rewards of a purposeful and relatively stress-free life.

Once you are aware that you control your attitude on the job, which is the first and most important step, then you can continue raising your level of awareness by developing your own spiritual practice, combining reading, sharing information with like-minded people and through the practice of meditation.

Meditation helps you energetically connect yourself to the best part of you and helps keep your energy raised throughout the day. This means that you are less prone to stress, and that means you are more able to enjoy what you do and do it better. All meditation works, and any regular practice helps create a more rewarding life/work experience.

Whether it’s meditation, self-reflection, or simply reminding yourself each day that you are a spiritual being experiencing yourself at all times, being more conscious of who you are and learning to express that will help you create a spiritual experience in your everyday life. Yes, even at work!


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