Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Console does not show.

If you experience the following problems with your Virtual PC console:

  • it no longer shows on your desktop, but instead simply minimized in the system tray
  • right-clicking the Console icon in the system tray and selecting the “show virtual PC console” does nothing, other than showing the “Virtual PC console” on the taskbar but not on the Desktop.
  • both the restore and maximize conext menu commands are greyed out.

Take a look at the file:

C:\Documents and Settings\__Name_Of_Your_Windows_Account__\ApplicationData\Microsoft\Virtual PC\Options.xml to make sure that the values for the section are reasonable.

For example:


<height type=”integer”>575</height>

<left_position type=”integer”>0</left_position>

<top_position type=”integer”>0</top_position>

<visible type=”boolean”>true</visible>

<width type=”integer”>359</width>


Don’t forget to backup this file first if you want to edit it.



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