How big life’s challenges can feel sometimes.

Every single day of your life, unless you spend your life in bed, is or should be filled with unique, never before experienced challenges… new goals and dreams that will help to expand you and develop you into someone more valuable… more valuable to yourself and to others.

But just like the teenagers in the United Way commercial, most of the big dreams that most people have feel ultimately too big and too difficult to achieve. So all of us throughout our lives, not just when we are teenagers, needs support, we need encouragement, we need guidance and direction, we need to believe in ourselves.

The bigger the goals and the bigger the potential rewards, the more difficult it is to achieve them… even if you have a tremendous “outside” support system… with all sorts of people and resources at your beck and call.

Life is that way… always challenging.

If you have been conditioned to respond positively when all heck is breaking loose, you will just soar right through getting stronger and more capable all along the way. But if you aren’t emotionally ready when the biggies of life happen, and they
will, you won’t be able to recover.

The thing to remember is that every person who has an exceptional skill or ability has underlying belief systems that support it and keep those abilities alive and well


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