The Number One Skill You Should Master Before Applying for a Job

By Suzanne Richardson

Your inability to write clearly could be standing between you and a new or better job.

Develop your business-writing skills, and you’ll give yourself a big lead over other people competing for your job.

How do you do it? Charlie Byrne, ETR’s Editorial Director and head writer, says to ask yourself these questions about all the work-related writing you do:

  • Do I make my main points clear from the very beginning?
  • Is the content organized in a logical way that flows naturally?
  • Can I strengthen my argument by including further proof of any of my claims or removing unnecessary words or sections?

After you’ve gone through this checklist, go back and check for grammar and spelling. (If it’s a really important memo or report, you might even want to ask a friend or colleague to give it a final read-through.)


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