Celebrate everyday.

Much is made of holidays around the world… special days to commemorate and celebrate past events. We humans love holidays!

For literally millleeons here and billleeons of people around the world, all the other days of the year (and even those holidays) are NOT used to celebrate or to be happy or to move forward toward any truly meaningful goals that would have positive lasting effect on their lives.


Because it’s way too easy… WAY too easy to take our eyes off what’s important. It’s far too common to get caught up in the crisis of the moment and forget that today and EVERY day is special… far too many (you?) forget or never consider that
today will never happen again, that we can never get it back even if we have a parade to help us remember it.

So you must think of today and every day as days to be happy, to feel lucky, to forgive, to love and to strive for excellence in all you do.

Because we are all human “beings” and like it or not, we get where we are going by our “doings” every day, not just “when we feel like it.”

Always remember that even the “HUGEST” of accomplishments are built on the backs of dozens, hundreds and even thousands of very small daily victories and your life will literally be more fun, you will get far more done and perhaps one day someone will hold a parade in YOUR honor!


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