Practice makes you successful.

I wrote it 500 times

I swear she was nuts. I was a little scared of her. If she caught you talking when you weren’t supposed to, it was very likely that a pill bottle would soon be sailing like a guided missile through the air directly at your head.

Yeah, she was a bit crazy…

But she was also brilliant…

You see, when I was an eight-year-old third-grader, I had this habit of turning in homework, quizzes and tests without putting my name at the top of the paper. So whenever I did that, when all the other kids were outside playing during recess, Mrs. DeLong would keep me in the classroom writing my name 500 times.

It only took a couple missed recesses before I got it…

She knew the repetition of writing my name over and over combined with the negative consequences of not being allowed to play with the other kids would soon break me of the bad habit.
It sure worked fast.

When you want to learn quickly and get good at something fast, you simply need to practice doing that thing and put the information in your mind as often as possible. Repetition is the only thing proven to sink true knowledge and expertise into your subconscious mind. Nothing even comes close.

How did you get so good at tying your shoes?

How is it that you can type so fast today?

Have you ever wondered how the best pro basketball players can throw the ball up 20 feet from a hoop that is barely bigger than the ball yet put it in 20 times in a row without a miss?

Right… practice.

When you pratice anything every day you’ll get so good, you won’t even have to think about it. Doing it right becomes automatic.

So remember this whenever you begin feeling frustrated at your inability to do something well or to do it at all.

When this jumps into your mind whenever you get frustrated, you will be on your way.

Replace frustration with the desire to practice and you’ll instantly feel less like a victim and more like a person on the success path.

Mike Brescia

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