Be a Spinner, not a sinner.

Some call me the King and Spin, because I try to find a positive meaning for seemingly negative events.

Well, in so many areas and disciplines of life I do know exactly how successful people think…

I do know the attitudes of success…

And I do my best to believe what the most accomplished, happy people believe.

And so, after 20 years of putting in gold and platinum thoughts, not very much gets me upset, even when things are going horribly. Every problem is simply another hurdle to get over, get around or go through on the way to where I’m going.

For example, earlier this year I lost about $200,000 from a few poor decisions and some extraordinarily unfortunate circumstances outside of my control. But when it was all over, I simply close the book and without shedding a single tear, immediately (and I mean within minutes) began planning and setting new and bigger goals in a new area, which is already paying off handsomely.

That is part of what thinking right or right-thinking is about…

… being able to learn everything you can out of every success in every failure.

It’s about letting go of the bad stuff you just don’t have to feel pain so deeply, you know.

It’s about feeling incredible pleasure and joy even from the smallest little victories and accomplishments.

So, I guess I’ll just continue spinning away, not feeling agony over defeats (just learning from them) and getting incredible joy from everything that’s good and appreciating it all. And I’ll just keep setting bigger and bigger goals which will all be accomplished.

Mike Brescia ( ).

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