An Unexpected Danger of Searching for Jobs Online

An Unexpected Danger of Searching for Jobs Online

By Suzanne Richardson

Try searching for a new job via the Internet, and 99 percent of the time you’ll be wasting your time… or worse.

Online job-seekers are easy prey for scammers who offer “high-paying jobs to con workers into revealing personal information, such as Social Security or bank account numbers,” said Tom Bartholomy, president/CEO of the Better Business Bureau. “In most cases, instead of getting paid, the job seeker loses money, and in some cases, instead of getting hired, the job seeker loses their identity.”

If, for whatever reason, you’re still tempted to apply to a job you find online, here’s what you need to know to keep your identity and your bank account safe:

  • Be wary of employers who don’t bother to interview you or even meet you. A “trustworthy business” will want to meet you face-to-face to discuss your qualifications, says Bartholomy.
  • Don’t agree to pay for job details, placement assistance, or a background check.
  • Don’t include personal data – your Social Security number, birth date, address, or phone number – on resumes you post online.

Instead of blindly applying for online jobs, follow Michael Masterson’s advice…

  1. Do some research to find companies you’d like to work for and the titles and names of the people you’d most likely be working under. That’s who you’ll be writing to (not a nameless HR rep). “You must do everything you can to find out who your prospective boss is and get your letter into his or her hands,” says Michael.
  2. Create an exciting sales letter that explains exactly how your prospective boss is going to benefit by hiring you.
  3. Never include a boring, cookie-cutter resume that will most likely end up in the trash. But do look into AWAI’s Pro Resume Writer Program to help you personalize and add sizzle to a resume that will help you get the job you want.

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