A Sugar That Prevents Tooth Decay

A Sugar That Prevents Tooth Decay

By Al Sears, MD

Here’s something that may surprise you… a natural sugar that prevents tooth decay and heart disease.

I’m talking about xylitol. It comes from the birch tree and is considered a “wood sugar” – much like the maple syrup that comes from the maple tree. But unlike maple syrup, this sugar has a crystal structure that makes it the perfect sugar substitute.
Xylitol has a 5-carbon molecular structure that does not interact with oral bacteria. Since it doesn’t ferment, it never triggers acid production. That means it helps reduce tooth decay, inhibits plaque buildup, retards the loss of tooth enamel, and lowers infections in the mouth and throat.

And because it inhibits plaque buildup, xylitol also helps prevent heart disease. Here’s why: Plaque build-up creates a breeding ground for bacteria. The resulting inflammation leads to a breakdown of gum tissue. This breakdown allows bacteria to pass into your bloodstream. The release of oral bacteria into your bloodstream stimulates an immune response. This inflammatory response causes arterial blockages and blood clots, which can lead to a heart attack.

What’s more, xylitol is low-glycemic. It doesn’t need insulin to metabolize, and won’t cause fat gain like regular sugar. It’s perfect for diabetics, and is sometimes referred to as “diet sugar.”
Xylitol is affordable and easy to find. Check your local health food store or find it on the Internet. Along with stevia, xylitol is one of the safest and best-tasting sugar substitutes.

[Ed. Note: Dr. Sears is a practicing physician and an expert on heart health. You can learn how to apply his winning heart-healthy strategies in The Doctor’s Heart Cure.]


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