Don’t Let Unforeseen Events Trample Your Goals.

By Bob Cox

The car battery is dead… the baby’s running a fever and needs to be taken to the doctor… the roof leak needs immediate attention. You can’t avoid emergencies like these, but you CAN minimize the amount of time they “steal” from you and the accomplishment of your goals.

By adding a buffer to your daily to-do list, you can deal with such unplanned events as part of your everyday schedule.

Let’s say you’ve set three major goals for yourself this year. You’ve allocated four hours each week to increasing your income, two hours a week to renovating your bathroom, and two hours a week to becoming more physically fit.

Now ADD two more hours to cover anything unforeseen that comes up.

Where do you get the extra two hours? As a regular reader of ETR, you already know the answer to that: Begin your day earlier by getting up earlier! Even getting up 20 minutes earlier each day for six days will do the trick.

Scheduling for those inevitable time-stealers allows you to handle most emergencies and other unexpected distractions… AND stay on track with your goals.

Sure, not every plumbing problem or spur-of-the-moment visit from your Aunt Moira will fall neatly into the two extra hours you’ve allotted. But having that time cushion will go a long way toward keeping you on schedule and making sure you don’t sacrifice your goals.

Not only that, it will make you feel in control of what you’re doing – a definite stress reducer.

[Ed. Note: Bob Cox is co-founder of the first TV shopping network and the author of The Billionaire Way. Join over 700 ambitious Early to Risers who receive his inspiring, motivating, and energizing advice every week as members of ETR’s Total Success Achievement Program.]


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