Why airport new security measures confuse me?

I recently returned to Oporto from a trip to Cuba. Since there are no direct flights from Cuba to Oporto, my flight stopped in transit at Madrid Barajas Airport. Before boarding off the plane at Madrid, an Iberia flight attendant kindly gave me two sealed 500ml bottles of water.

Although I was in transit, I still had to pass a security check (in order to reach the departure gate for my connecting flight to Oporto), where my 2 SEALED bottles of water I was carrying were aggressively confiscated from me .

Now I fully understand if I was catching a flight from Madrid i.e. instead of being in transit, arriving at Madrid Barajas Airport by car or train, entering the airport with the bottles & then been told I could not take the water bottles. There is obviously some security risk that the water bottles could be tainted, however as I mentioned earlier, I was in transit i.e. did not have access to the outside of the airport & the sealed water bottles were given to me by a flight steward.

Fair enough that rules are rules and that you are not allowed to carry more than 100mls of any liquid, but yet other items in my bag such as a pen & pencil (which surely are security threats as they can be used as weapons to poke someone’s eye out), a lighter (which can be used to set up a fire) & a USB cable (which can be used as a means of strangling someone), were not confiscated. Yet two sealed 500ml water bottles given to me by an Iberia steward were.

I know I keep repeating myself about the , ”two sealed 500ml water bottles given to me by an Iberia steward,” but that is exactly the point I want to get to. The bottles in my opinion were confiscated so as to force me & any other passengers in the same situation to buy exaggeratedly overpriced water at the Madrid Barajas Airport, leading me to believe that this is more of a profit making conspiracy than a security measure.

Sure I may seem to be making a mountain out of a mole hole as they were just water bottles that were confiscated, but after a nine hour flight in economy class, where if you are like me, cannot sleep on planes no matter how boring the onflight movies are, the last thing you expect is to be treated like a criminal “becuase of two sealed 500ml water bottles given to you by an Iberia steward,” whilst you are simply in transit, moving to your connecting flight gate.


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