What is Izmi? The novel new internet publishing tool which is in as good a position as any Web 2.0 startup to contest YouTube, Flickr and MySpace’s positions as the coolest and most useful technologies on the internet.

It’s available now for anyone to use for free, but it’s worth seeing just how Lyne and Izimi’s investors see the technology being used.

It works like this: sign up for an Izimi account, download the 3MB Izimi application to your PC, use the app to serve any file from your PC (any file type, no size restrictions), send the automatically created Izimi url for that content to one or more of your friends/colleagues, and you’re off. This means you can publish any type of content whatsoever, with anyone on the internet accessing it directly from your PC. And they don’t necessarily need to receive an email highlighting that the content is available – people can also locate your photos, videos, music and any other type of material via the Izimi website.

So the top-level benefits are – no restriction on file size, no restriction on file type (many online content-sharing sites support only certain formats), the content resides on your PC (the terms and conditions of MySpace suggest News Corp owns the content you upload) and simplicity.

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