Is VBScript dead?

According to Don Jones, co-author of Microsoft Windows PowerShell: TFM , “VBScript is deader than a doornail. Buy my PowerShell book, Microsoft Windows PowerShell: TFM. Bwah hah hah hah!

Okay, just kidding. For real, VBScript has at least another ten years in it, if not more. For example, Windows “Longhorn” Server Core comes with a command-line utility that you use to add “roles,” like DHCP or DNS, to the server. The utility? Written in VBScript. Yup. Server Core can’t even run PowerShell, since it doesn’t run the .NET Framework.

So, VBScript has a life. Look, it’s the right tool for the right job: Sometimes, VBScript is the right tool. Sometimes KiXtart is. Sometimes, it’ll be batch files. Sometimes, it’s a big hammer, the off button on your pager, and a long weekend. Logon scripts, for example: VBScript is my choice (although there’s nothing wrong with KiXtart, if that’s how you get things done), in no small part because PowerShell just isn’t a logon script-friendly tool – it wasn’t meant to be.

So VBScript is here for a while. Revel in it! Connect to databases with it! Write HTAs with it (something you can’t do in any other language but JScript, by the way)! Long live VBScript… and PowerShell, and Batch, and anything else that gets you out of the office a bit quicker, right?”


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