What about Frontpage 2003?

FrontPage, Microsoft’s web page editor, has been dropped from the Office 2007 lineup.
It’s been replaced with two products, one part of Office 2007 and the other still in development.
Sharepoint Designer 2007 looks like Frontpage at first glance and can be used to edit web pages and sites. However its focus on editing Microsoft Sharepoint sites makes it clumsy to use for purposes beyond Sharepoint.

For general use will be Expression Web which is not for sale yet but the beta is available for download from here (not to be confused with the ‘CTP1’ beta dated May 2006 but still available for download).

The good news is that FrontPage 2003 will continue to work after Office 2007 is installed. Sometimes mixing versions of Office programs doesn’t work very well (or at all in the case of Outlook), but Frontpage 2003 seems OK.

In fact, if you install Office 2007 on a computer with an earlier version of Office (including Frontpage) the Office programs are updated but Frontpage is left untouched.



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