Manage Computers in a Snap.

The computer management console that debuted in Windows 2000 was a welcome addition for Windows administrators. Now we had a “one-stop shop” to manage everything for not only the local system but remote systems as well. Simply type the computer name or search for it in Active Directory and voila, you are managing that system.

To open computer management AND connect to a remote server in one step run the command:

compmgmt.msc /computer=SERVERNAME

Substitute SERVERNAME with the name of a server or desktop you want to manage. The management console will open, connected to the remote system. You can take this a step further and create shortcuts for all your servers. Enter this command with the right server name when prompted for the program location. Give it a meaningful name and you’re in business.

If you prefer to have a single console, create your own:

  1. Click Start Run and enter MMC. Click File Add/Remove Snapin.
  2. In the list of available snapins, select Computer Management.
  3. Specify a remote server and click Finish.
  4. Add the computer management snapin for every server you want to manage.
  5. And finally, save the console.

When you open the console you may notice a slight delay while all the remote connections are made (and I’d certainly be careful about trying to manage several servers at once over a slow WAN connection). But once connected you can quickly jump from server to server with only a click of your mouse.



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