MSOCACHE Folder – A useful Office 2003 Troubleshooting Tool.

If you use Office 2003, you should know about the Office 2003 Local Installation Source Tool. You may never need to use it, but if you do run into a problem with the Local Installation Source (LIS), it can save you hours of frustration.

A brief explanation: When you install Office 2003, all of the setup files are copied to your hard drive in a hidden folder called Msocache. This uses about 400MB of space but allows you to repair your Office installation or add new features without having to track down the original CD.

The problem occurs if the Msocache folder gets corrupted, or if you delete it the wrong way (using Windows Explorer – Remove Msocache Folder After Office Is Installed), or if the disk on which it’s located becomes unavailable for any reason. This can happen when you try to export a list of addresses from Outlook. As part of the process, Outlook needs to install a converter, but if the LIS is nowhere to be found – e.g could have originally been on an external drive that was formatted for use on another computer, a string of error messages, most in the format “Error 1327. Invalid Drive: f:\” will be displayed, not allowing the the export to be completed, even if the Office CD available.

The LIS Tool can fix the problem, if you are able to find a copy of the Msocache folder on another computer, copy it to your C: drive, and use the tool to point Office to the new location. You can also use it to enable or disable LIS.


For more information see KB825933…


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