Installing Office 2007 Beta 3 AKA Beta 2 TR.

The Office 2007 ‘Technical Refresh’ is out as a free update for anyone who has the Beta 2 version.Microsoft calls it ‘Beta 2 Technical Refresh’ or B2TR for short.

B2TR comes as a mega-patch over Office 2007 Beta 2, that means you have to install Beta 2 first, even if you immediately apply the TR patch afterwards.

B2TR for the core Office apps is a 494MB download from there are separate downloads for other Office 2007 beta products.

The instructions on the Microsoft web site are not all they could be, after warning people that B2TR is not a one click upgrade they proceed to omit any explicit instructions – instead there’s some warnings of possible problems that you can use to infer preliminary steps. KB923718

As a precaution Microsoft suggests that you clean up your TEMP directory, before installing the Technical Refresh. To find your Windows temp directory, right-click on the My Computer icon, Properties | Advanced | Environment Variables.

At least 2 GBs of free disk space is required for the Technical Refresh update.

The B2TR was found to be considerably more stable and faster than previous releases -but given that Beta 2 wasn’t that speedy or stable, that’s not saying much. Outlook in particular needs much more performance work before release.

To get the full Outlook 2007 ‘experience’ you’ll need to install the latest Windows Search beta for XP. This additional download provides the ‘instant’ search option inside Outlook. Download and install it from here KB917013. This download isn’t required for Windows Vista. If you haven’t installed Office 2007 before on that Windows XP computer we suggest you use this order:
* the Windows Search beta first
* Office 2007 Beta 2
* Office 2007 Technical Refresh update
* Save to PDF and/or XPS updates from

We’ve always thought that having separate downloads for the ‘Save to’ features to PDF and Microsoft’s new XPS format was a pointless inconvenience for customers. A triumph of corporate machinations (between Adobe and Microsoft) over common-sense. Once you’ve installed B2TR that’s even more obvious because on the Save As option is an explicit link to download the PDF and XPS features.

If you’re trying Office 2007 Beta 2 you should update to B2TR without delay, there’s no point in using an old beta.



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