Tiësto and Reebok collaborate with DJ footwear.

Last night Tiësto and Reebok announced their collaboration in creating special RBK Tiësto footwear during an international press conference in Amsterdam. Tiësto collaborated with top Reebok designers to create his limited edition footwear and the result is an authentic collection that truly depicts the inspiring life of DJ’s.

Elevating the fusion of sports and music to an unprecedented new level, Tiësto has partnered with Reebok to collaborate on a limited edition DJ footwear collection. The first footwear created specifically for the club scene, RBK’s DJ line is inspired by the lifestyle of those who love to DJ. Each DJ shoe in Tiësto’s exclusive 4-pair collection reflects a piece of his exciting life and showcases his cutting-edge style.

Tiësto’s RBK DJ footwear will launch with the first two models on October 9th, 2006, and will launch the second two pairs on November 23rd, 2006. One style will feature sleek, clean colors of white/orange/black paying homage to the national color of Tiësto’s home country, orange. The second pair will showcase a sporty style in the colors of the Dutch flag of white/red and royal blue. In addition to the DJ footwear a line of matching caps are designed.

Source: tiesto.com


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