XP Folder Option: Managing Pairs of Web Pages and Folders.

The View tab of the Folder Options dialog box, offers a potpourri of advanced options that govern various aspects of Windows Explorer’s behavior. Some of these are self-explanatory & relatively inconsequential. Others are less obvious & can have a significant impact on how you work in XP. One such setting is the “Managing Pairs of Web Pages and Folders “option .

If you save a Web page using IE’s Web Page, Complete option (choose Web Page, Complete (*.htm, *.html) in the Save As Type list), where IE saves the Web page’s text in one file & puts all the associated graphics & other supporting docs in a folder with the same name. E.g. if you save the Microsoft home page (http://www.microsoft.com/homepage/ms.htm) under its default name, Microsoft Corporation, you will get a file named Microsoft Corporation.htm and a folder called Microsoft Corporation_files. The folder contains the various image, style sheet, & script files that support the HTML file. By default, Windows Explorer links such file-and-folder pairs. The file & folder are shown as separate items, but actions taken upon one are applied to both. Delete or move either the file or the folder, for example, & Windows Explorer moves or deletes both items. This behavior makes it less likely that you’ll “break” a saved Web page by separating its component parts.

Keeping the file and folder linked is generally a good idea. But you can sever the link for a particular file-folder pair by renaming either the file or the folder & answering a confirmation prompt. You can also prevent Windows Explorer from linking the file and folder in the first place by choosing Show Both Parts And Manage Them Individually in the Advanced Settings list.
Note that this section of the Folder Options dialog box offers two alternatives: Show And Manage The Pair As A Single File, and Show Both Parts But Manage As A Single File. The difference between the two? Nothing. The first of these alternatives should hide the supporting folder, but it does not. Perhaps a future version of Windows will eliminate this bug.

If you find cannot find the “Managing pairs of Web pages and folders” within your open Folder Options, it could be because this option is not a standard component of Windows XP, but added by Microsoft Office XP/2003 setup. This option can still be added by downloading and running the following REG file.

Source for REG file…


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