A guide to Wireless Security.

Setting up a wireless network is incredibly easy. There’s no cable to pull, no holes to drill; just plug in your wireless access point (AP), let your wireless connection manager auto-associate, and you’re online. Unfortunately, so is every other person who happens to be within broadcast range of your AP, and that’s where your trouble starts.
Every business has information that must be kept private. Trade secrets, source code, or even the company’s accounting books can find their way into nefarious hands all too easily. If you have customer data stored on your network, it’s even more imperative to lock down access. A few credit card numbers escaping into the wild can permanently damage your customers’ trust; just the possibility of credit card number theft can trigger regulatory disclosure procedures in some states. And wireless network access doesn’t stop at your business’s walls; if your network is open, anyone can squat in your parking lot and hop online.

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