Reduce Picture Size with Outlook.

If you one of those who sends loads of pictures via email, you will be used to the need of sometimes reducing the file size of the images before emailing. Recent versions of Outlook have a quick and easy to do this, without changing the original photo.

The steps below assume you have Outlook configured as your default email client:

  • Go to the image/s you want to send in Windows Explorer, right-click on one or more images and choose Send To Mail Recipient.
  • You’ll see an option pop-up that offers to make all the pictures smaller or keep the original sizes. Click on ‘Show more options’ to see the choices of dimension ‘Small’ 640×480, Medium 800×600 or Large 1024×768.
  • When you click OK a copy of the image has the dimensions reduced and then added to an email message as an attachment. The file name is the same as the original, but the size will be smaller.
  • From that point it’s just like any other email, add the text you want just like any other email then click Send.

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