The Windows Shutdown.exe utility is truly awesome for shutting down and restarting even remote computers. Run Shutdown -i and you’ll be working with a nice graphical user interface where you can specify multiple computers. Copy and paste names from a text file, for example, and you can reboot an entire Web farm with just a few clicks. If you use it entirely from the command-line, however, you can’t give Shutdown.exe a list of computer names or have it grab names from an Active Directory organizational unit (OU). This limits its usefulness in some scenarios.

Download and run this custom tool: ShutdownRestart. You can give it a list of computers, specify an action (which must be shutdown, restart, logoff or poweroff) and even have the tool force that action (thus forcing applications to close, if necessary). Run shutdownrestart /list:computers.txt /ping /verbose /action:restart /force, for example, and you’ll get the output as the specified computers dutifully reboot themselves.

Download shutdownrestart tool…

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