Important XP Services.

After recently disabling various XP services in order to speed up my computer’s startup time, I ran into the following problems which were solved by activating the respective services.

Problem 1:
When I tried to update Windows Defender’s definitions, the following error was displayed:

This was due to me disablaying the Automatic Updates service, which is required to run BITs, which in turn relies on Automatic Updates to be running.

To resolve the solution, run services.msc and checked to see that the services Automatic Updates and BITS are set to automatic. Once do, restart the computer.
Problem 2:
When I tried to debug any of my projects within VB Express 2k5, the following error was displayed:

There are two solutions to this problem. The first, non recommended solution, involves disabling the Visual Studio Hosting Process within all your projects. This is done in the Debug tab of the respective project’s properties.

The second, recommended, solution involves checking to see if the Terminal Services service is started and if not, then change its properties to automatic and reboot the computer.

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Problem 3:

The Connect To option, allowing me Unable to connect to my Internet ADSL services, was no longer available. This was due to me having disabled the Telephony service, which once enabled, allowed me to connect as per normal


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