Mounting ISO images in a virtual CD-ROM drive.

Some software vendors, such as Symantec, distribute their software in the form of an ISO Image, which normally means having to copy that image to CD in order to access and run the installation file(s). If you wish to access the ISO image but are not interested in copying to CD yet, then Microsoft has an unsupported “Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel for Windows XP“, that can be used to mount the respective ISO image to a virtual drive, to then be accessed and used exactly as a normal CD-ROM drive. The reason why it’s unsupported is because it contains no setup (only instructions) and the interface is basic, but the software works really well.

How to install and use the software…
Once downloaded from the link above, double click the executable and extract the files to a folder. There are three files:
1. Readme.txt – explaining how to use the software.
2. VCdControlTool.exe – the excutable for the program.
3. VCdRom.sys – the driver.

Open the Readme.txt and follow the simple installation instructions. Once completed, if you open “My Computer,” you should see the virutal CD-ROM drive been shown as a CD-ROM drive. Simple yet useful.

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