Alt-Tab Replacement Tools.

July 31, 2005

Although I am not much of a TweakUI XP “Add Ons” Guy, I do recommend TaskSwitchXP an Alt-Tab Replacement Tool. It’s no different in speed than alt-tab, but instead of icons for your apps, you get screenshots of your apps. On top of that, you can do “instance switching” which simply constrains the list of programs to other instances of the same program. It has hotkeys for popping up the alt-tab list and pinning it in place until you choose something (or hit escape), which is handy when you have lots of apps open and want to take a second to look at what’s open. It’s highly customizable, which is a plus.



Why do Some People Call the Taskbar the "Tray"?

July 31, 2005

Short answer: Because they’re wrong.

Long Answer…

Scientist photoblogs own brain tumor removal.

July 30, 2005

David LaPuma is a grad student scientist at Rutgers who is battling brain cancer had a benign meningioma. He documented his own surgery in snapshots, and explains:
I guess putting it all on(the)line was partially my way of dealing with it, and also a way that I could share the experience with both the people I know and those I don’t know (but who might be considering a similar procedure). The whole experience has been quite amazing, and I really feel fortunate to be recovering so quickly.


Safety Signs.

July 30, 2005

Swanksigns collects public safety and information signs from around the world. This one is creepy. It shows what can happen to you if you get into an elevator with a trash can and neglect to pull the can all the way into the elevator car. Ouch!
Not all signs on the site are as nightmarish — they’re funny and/or perplexing.

Forbes Best Bloggs

July 30, 2005

Forbes list of “blogs that matter.” Categories include career, technology, sport and many others.

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Great Blog About Blogging.

July 30, 2005


Excellent blog search engine.

July 30, 2005

Read an article online lately that caught your eye? Want to know what people are saying about the new Harry Potter book? Punch the story URL or “Half Blood Prince” into Technorati and you’ll see which blogs are discussing them. Technorati tracks links in real time on some 13 million blogs, meaning that as soon as a blogger makes a post, Technorati knows what’s in it. That’s how you can find which blogs are linking to your favorite article up to the minute. Google and Yahoo, by contrast tend to lag by a few days. Technorati also tracks photos on Flickr and Buzznet, as well as publicly shared browser bookmarks on, making them accessible based on their “tags,” or labels applied by other users.

With all that said, a search on my blog came up with no results – LOL.